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African Proverb [19] or Why a Master Calls You a Free Man When he Hates You
Published by in Education · 1 August 2019
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Freedom is not a gift. Freedom is not something that you deserve, free of charge. Freedom means that you have to fight. Fighting means that many will be lost along the way. Thus, freedom means that you were not free before.

If you were not free, then another entity controlled you. And that entity is not going to let you become free easily, especially if she was enjoying you being under her full dominion. Why would that entity stop getting rich out of your labor, for instance? Power over others is her motto.

Thus, this proverb from the Ashanti "If your master hates you, he calls you a free man" reminds us that Africa is still not fully free, even if some of her children pretend the contrary. This proverb alerts us to be careful, especially when Africa is given "free" food, "free" clothes, "free" advice, etc., but never, and never "free" key technology. This is why Africans must stop being fooled all the time because, again, from mankind, do not expect anything for free.

And for Africans to be free, they first of all need to free their mind. This is what the entity does not like. When you start thinking differently because you’ve lost your inferiority complex, when you disagree with the standards she’s imposed onto you, when you believe in another economic system that will benefit your people (but put that of the entity at a disadvantage), there is no chance that the entity is going to love you. And we all know the opposite of love, don’t we!

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Lenda Rudy Massamba
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