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African Proverb [20] or Why a Blind Man Doesn’t Show the Way to Another One
Published by in Education · 11 August 2019
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Solidarity is important in life; and it has always been the case. This is because it is written in our DNA, as human beings. As a result, when someone faces difficulties and needs help it is normal, for the community he belongs to, to help him out. The same principle applies for nations. When a country that belongs to an economic community is facing specific economic and security issues, it would make sense that its neighbors try to help it resolve its problems. The assumption, here, is that most countries belonging to this economic community share, more or less, equivalent levels of economic and social development, among others.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the problem is that most countries do share, more or less, the same level of poverty; which explains why the African continent is weak and why the voice of Africa is barely listened to in international organizations. This is because the African continent is one of the best exemplifications of the meaning of the word “contradiction”. Despite her abundant wealth, Africa is poor. Despite a young and strong labor force that could be used to develop the African continent, they are not valued and trained for the benefit of the entire continent. The unemployment rate is abnormally high given the potential of the African continent. Consequently, it is extremely difficult for “poor African nations” to help other poor African nations.   

Thus, this proverb from the Accra tongue “A blind man does not show the way to a blind man” reminds us that solidarity must not be only expressed by our empathy. We may be empathic about somebody’s situation, but unless we can help that person with concrete actions, we’re not very much useful. And because African countries are weak, they can be terrorized within the limits of their borders. In this case, African States request “help” to the international community. And this is how Africa still strengthens her dependence on international players whose objectives and ambitions are far from being philanthropic! This is why Africans must open their eyes so that the continent becomes an economic and industrial force that the entire international community will respect.

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Lenda Rudy Massamba
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